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About the company

The company AB Andolšek, based in Slovenia, was founded in 1982. In all this time, it has remained in family ownership. We started with metal-turning activity. Due to increasing demands for our services we expanded our business and built new business premises in Ljubljana – Koseze, where we are located now. With our knowledge and many years of experience, we realize our strategic goals and follow our vision.


The machine park was modernized with new computer-controlled machines, and in 2013 we opened a new company AB Andolšek Aleš CNC- engineering s.p., which branch is specialized in precision milling products on CNC machining centers.

We excel in CNC processing focused on precise milling, therefore we can offer you advanced custom milling parts.

 In the machine park there are 3- and 5-axis simultaneous CNC machining centres that ensure to satisfy even the most demanding clients.

We specialize in CNC processing of small to medium series (1 – app. 5000 pieces). Our main activity is production of individual custom components, from more to less demanding and complex precise milling components.

Dimensions of flat workpieces can be up to 860 x 500 mm.

Using Mastercam CAD/CAM software our experts deliver high-quality precise parts for control lines, assembly, robotics, custom prototype devices and more.

Our custom milling parts are widely distributed.

Machined parts are used in:

  • precise mechanical engineering and medicine,
  •  mechanical engineering,
  • electronic equipment,
  • automotive industry,
  • aerospace,
  • nautical industry,
  • pharmaceutical industry,
  • intelligent robotics and
  • industrial automation.


Specializing in various sectors of development companies, we offer advanced custom parts. We are working with wide range of materials like aluminium alloys, plastic, metal and steel but 70 % of our production is CNC aluminium processing and milling of plastic materials.

Our technically advanced CNC processing services allow us to meet clients’ specific requirements. By our client’s request we provide surface treatments.

Our equipment

We work on top quality CNC machines HAAS UMC750 SS, HAAS VF2, HAAS VF2 SS, Pegas Gonda A-CNC-LR-F.


We specialize in the production of small to medium series. Our main activity is the production of individual pieces, from less demanding to very demanding and complex.


Our products are tailored to our customer needs as we are part of various devices, prototype constructions and hand tools.



To provide the compatibility of the final composition our products are regularly controlled and checked.

The components are checked to ensure that they fit properly and that the external product is compatible so all dispatched products are functional and visually sophisticated.

Each product is deburred, hand polished and inspected before release.

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Our focus is on quality manufactured and quick delivery times while keeping a competitive pricing level.


Each our component is individually handled in complete care and tested with the latest measuring devices- Mitutoyo.

What our partners value the most?

Excellent quality and price ratio
Functional and visual sofisticated products
Professional advice
Flexibility and reliability
Precision and responsibility
Holding deadlines

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