Activity of the company


We specialize in producing small to medium series (1 – 5000 pieces).

Our main activity is production of individual pieces, from less demanding to very demanding and complex ones.

Our products are part of various prototype constructions and various hand tool devices.

Reliable partner

Thus, we have become an important part of:

  • control lines,
  • automatic assembly,
  • robotic grippers,
  • independent stations,
  • pallet systems,
  • pneumatic systems and
  • production lines.


When making pieces we are aware of the compatibility of the final composition, so our products are both functional and visually sophisticated.

We are working with partners from the beginning of the project; that is the creations of the idea or construction up to the production of components for different devices.

The advantages of this kind of cooperation are adjustments when making pieces, which leads to affordable and better quality of the end-product, and consequently greater satisfaction of our partners.

Why us?

We are here for you

We are always at your service.

We are aware of how valuable your time is, so we do our best to ensure that the services are provided with quality and in the shortest possible time.

Because we appreciate you

We provide you with one-on-one professional support and we are 100% committed to finding a solution together.


Because we want to optimally take care of you and your end customers.


Ul. Franca Mlakarja 1
1000 Ljubljana, SLOVENIJA


+386 (0)31 677 264