Mastercam CAD/CAM system


AB Andolšek Aleš, CNC engineering s. p. specializes in CNC precision machining using a Mastercam  CAD/CAM system.

CAD/CAM software is used to translate computer-aided design (CAD) to manufacturing workpieces with computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) on our CNC machine.

Mastercam CAD/CAM software is one of the leaders in the world and it offers tools for a variety of CNC programming needs, from basic to complex. It is designed as a comprehensive solution for manufacturing efficiency.

As we use the latest machines, we are also not lagging behind in software development. We constantly updated our Mastercam CAD/CAM system therefore our custom milling parts are produced faster, with greater accuracy, quality, and repeatability.




We use wide range of materials:

  • different types of plastic,
  • aluminium alloys,
  • brass,
  • copper,
  • bronze,
  • steel and
  • stainless steel.

Since 70 % of our products consist from aluminium alloys and plastic we can ensure you that we excel in the production of aluminium milling parts and plastic parts of various properties. This comes into play when certain product must have their own characteristics.

For aluminium components those are hardness, resistance to heat, wear, good anodization or painting and for plastic components hardness, resistance to heat, wear, conductivity, anti-static…

Since the quality of products begins with the selection of most suitable and high-quality material we advise our partner which material to choose and try to find the best solution together.

Surface treatments


By our client’s request we provide surface treatments.

Services in verified cooperation for:

  • Anodization (classic and hard)
  • galvanizing
  • carbonitration
  • Cementation and
  • tempering.

We are being a part of many development companies.


Our machined parts have become an important part of:

  • control lines,
  • automatic assembly,
  • robotic grippers,
  • independent stations,
  • pallet systems,
  • pneumatic systems and
  • production lines.

We have reputation as a trusted partner


We support you by:

– before production, we review the technical documentation and implement possible changes,

– we have a larger amount of material in stock which guarantees us an immediate start of production and quick delivery of a new spare part,

– all products are inspected, deburred and hand polished before release. The components are checked to ensure that they fit properly and that the external product is compatible. All dispatched products are functional and visually sophisticated.


Which leads to more affordable and better quality of the end-product, and consequently greater satisfaction of our partners.

Why us?

We are here for you

Specialized in smaller productions has its own advantages. We can individually devote ourselves to our partners.


Because we appreciate you

With right support we want to provide you more affordable and better quality of the end-product.


Because we want to optimally take care of you and your end customers.


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1000 Ljubljana, SLOVENIJA


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